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NEW Elleebana FLEX lash lift rods require no adhesive to hold the rods down. Apply on eyelids and start lifting right away! 

The physical silicone product is softer, more mouldable and more FLEXible – hence the name. This supple silicone is ultra-soft, comfortable and form-fitting for so many clients eye shapes. They truly assist with the rod placement during the lifting service and what’s more is the new silicone nature now means there is no need to use adhesive on the back of the rod to hold the rod into place.


How Are They Different to Original Elleebana Rods?

  • The ultra-soft silicone forms a lash lift technique with a beautiful C curl curvature
  • Superior grip and comfortable fit for the eyelid
  • No adhesive is required on the back
  • Speeds up application time
  • It takes the worry out of irritation on the skin from the adhesive


Elleebana Flex Rods

Fully Booked
  • What's included?

    Flex Rods come in small, medium, large and extra large
    There is a rod for each eye. Meaning a Left and a right side – this is clearly identified by the markings on the outer and inner sides of the rod where it lists the following:

    • SR R – Small Rod, Right side
    • SR L– Small Rod, Left side
    • MR R – Medium Rod, Right side
    • MR L – Medium Rod, Left side
    • LR R – Large Rod, Right side
    • LR L – Large Rod, Left side
    • XLR R – Extra Large Rod, Right side
    • XLR L – Extra Large Rod, Left side
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