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The design of the Extreme Styling Shields is designed to offer an extreme and dramatic lift for various eye shapes. The additional surface area across the top of the Styling Shield allows for greater control and manipulation with the clients lash style. Smooth quality silicone finish to assist in the separation of the natural lashes.


Contains small, medium and large size shields.


Should I Choose Elleebana Rods or Elleebana Shields:

  • Both are made from silicone.
  • Both can be reused after being cleaned and disinfected.
  • Rods provide a natural C – lift.
  • Shields provides extreme L – lift.
  • Rods are suitable for most clients.
  • Shields may not adhere well to clients with low-brow bones.
  • Rods are fantastic for clients with long lashes.
  • Shields help to provide drama for clients with short lashes.
  • Rods adhere well to the majority of clients.
  • Shields offer additional surface areas allowing for greater control and manipulation.


Elleebana Extreme Styling Shields

Fully Booked
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